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Robert Hodges United States

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About me

I am the proud single father of 3 children, one of whom is still living at home and is a sophomore in high school. I work as a Quality Assurance Profiler for a large automotive distribution company during the day and as a part time Pastor on some evenings during the week. I am a former Salvation Army Officer and plan on returning to the Pastoral field once I have completed my degree. I am currently working on my double major in psycology and sociology in order to become state certified to counsel those wit


I lead a very full life and consider myself to be very social but a bit on the conservative side in my views. I do like to have fun!


I enjoy many types of music from hard core metal to classic rock as well as jazz and contemporary r&b.

Movies and TV:

I am an avid football, baseball, and basketball fan. I enjoy certain shows on tv such as Dexter, American Horror Story, House, Fringe, and Dr. Who. My favorite movies are action super hero types, Star Wars, Star Trek, and most Adam Sandler movies. I also


Football, baseball, basketball, golf, and I work out on an almost daily schedule.


I enjoy Monet and Picasso as well as works by Boris Vallejo, Rowena, and photography by Ansel Adams.


I am an avid reader and collector of classic novels as well as some contemporary science fiction and fantasy works.


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